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CU-Structural Soil Mix™ is a patented soil mix developed by Cornell University and licensed to producers by Amereq, Inc. This is the most widely used and proven structural soil mix on the market today. The mix is made using crushed angular stone, Gelscape Tackifier, and a clay loam soil. Affordability and availability of crushed stone make CU-Structural Soil Mix™ perfect for on-grade conditions with no weight constraints.



ERTH Products is proud to be a licensed producer in the State of Georgia for another proven engineered soil--CU-Structural Soil™.

CU-Soil™ is an engineered soil designed to help solve the conflict between highly-compacted soil under pavement in urban environments and trees, or, more specifically, tree roots, which must try to survive in this unwelcoming environment.

CU-Soil™ mix is an engineered soil that both bears pavement weight and provides the proper root environment for trees to thrive. CU-Soil™ consists of a precise stone size along with a precise soil mixture and Gelscape Hydro gel to adhere the soil to the stone. This results in an engineered soil that provides stability, air space, and water- and nutrient-holding capacity, helping to ensure a sustainable landscape.


 ERTH-HydRocks Structural Soil Minimize 

ERTH-HydRocks Structural Soil is an engineered soil designed to solve the conflict between highly-compacted soils under pavement in urban environments and trees whose roots are unable to grow beyond the confines of a tree pit into the compacted soil. The mix can be compacted to legal density to ensure pavement integrity yet still possess the physical and organic properties vital for root growth.

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