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ERTH (Environmental Resource and Technology for Humanity) Products, LLC is a company specializing in the manufacturing and engineering of specialty soils utilizing compost and lightweight aggregates. ERTH Products’ registered trademark product, ERTH Food®, is manufactured just outside Plains, Georgia using the composting technology process pioneered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The aerated static pile composting process is used to mix biosolids with peanut hulls to produce a uniform, stable, premium-quality product recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an Exceptional Quality product. The Exceptional Quality (EQ) designation assures a level of safety and quality not found in many other soil amendments and fertilizers.

ERTH Products, LLC and its environmental partners are proud of their reputation for delivering sound quality products and services that are earth-friendly. We believe through the use of compost we can change the way the world grows–protecting our natural resources and ensuring a sustainable future.

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Our Mission Statement

ERTH Products, LLC is committed to producing and marketing an environmentally-friendly product that has value as both a recycled product and a superior soil amendment.

By so doing, we strive to fulfill our responsibilities to our families, our employees and their families, our customers, and our suppliers while protecting and enhancing the environment.

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Our Corporate Values

We believe that mutually trusting relationships are in our best interests. By creating these relationships we will deliver value in all aspects of our business.

We believe our business will endure on a foundation of integrity. We will live up to our agreements and deal honestly with each other. We will develop relationships with those who share these values.

We respect individuals, communities, and our environment. We recognize the intrinsic worth and contributions of our customers, employees, suppliers, and all of whom are an integral part of our business. We will deal with them and ourselves on a win-win basis, recognizing and expecting mutual accountability and responsibility by all.

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Awards Received by ERTH Products

Wayne King, Sr. receives the Southern Nursery Association’s (SNA) Environmental Leadership award.

ERTH Products receives the United States Composting Council’s (USCC) 2003 Composter of the Year award.

Wayne King, Sr. is awarded the Georgia Green Industry Association’s Environmental Friend of the Industry award.

Governor Roy E. Barnes presents ERTH Products with the Department of Community Affairs’ “Keep Georgia Beautiful” First Place award in the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” category.

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ERTH Products Accomplishments

Many of ERTH Products’ major accomplishments have been in the field of product development and marketing. Producing a consistent supply of quality composted products along with a full line of other organic products has been key to the success of the company. ERTH Products has been actively involved in promoting the beneficial use of quality compost. The following are some of the programs that ERTH Products has participated in:

1) Golf Courses – ERTH Products formulated an application using compost as a root zone mix to replace peat in high sand-content golf greens. The tested application met the United States Golf Association’s specifications for a root zone mix and was used to construct new golf greens on several courses in both Georgia and South Carolina. The president of ERTH Products approached the director of the USGA with a request that the USGA work with the USCC to develop precise specifications for compost use on golf greens. The director of the USGA supported this recommendation and the USCC agreed to form a golf course subcommittee for this purpose. The specifications are nearing completion and will be submitted to the USGA for review this year.

2) Architect Specifications – The president of ERTH Products worked with the USCC in the development of the Landscape Architecture/Design Specifications for Compost Use. ERTH Products presented these design specifications at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. ERTH Products continues to promote the use of compost by briefing the major landscape architects in Georgia on the value of this document as well as the USCC Seal of Testing Assurance Program. ERTH Products has also worked on specifications for additional compost use in lightweight soils, structural soils and golf courses.

3) Erosion Control – ERTH Products worked to promote the use of compost for erosion control in many applications, including use as a filter berm to replace silt fence barriers. The Del Web Sun City Development in Hilton Head, South Carolina was the site of the approved erosion control project. Compost was used to control erosion throughout the development, including areas surrounding the retention ponds, slopes and in place of silt fences. Del Web is one of the top ten developers in the United States.

4) D.O.T. Applications – ERTH Products worked with the state to have specifications written to recognize ERTH Food® as a Nutrient Grade composted fertilizer suitable for D.O.T. use. ERTH Food® has been tested and purchased by the state for numerous projects and uses.

5) Alternative Landfill Cap – The Environmental Protection Division conducted a pilot test of an alternative landfill cap using ERTH Food® at the Marine Corps base in Albany, Georgia. This test was part of the EPA Super-fund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program.

6) University Testing – ERTH Products has participated in numerous growth tests with The University of Georgia, The University of Florida, Auburn University, and Clemson University. ERTH Products’ continuing research program now includes sustainable agricultural testing using organic composted fertilizers on vegetable crops and disease suppression evaluation with both the United States Golf Association and Auburn University.

7) Networks – ERTH Products recognized that Georgia needed an organization focused on the advancement of the composting industry; it was this vision that laid the groundwork for the Georgia Composting Association (GCA). The GCA formed in December of 1998, and Wayne King was nominated to be its first president. During its formation, the GCA noted that many other state organizations operated independently of each other, thereby limiting their access to certain resources and national support. Work began toward developing stronger state affiliations when Wayne approached the US Composting Council to determine what state affiliation options were available to the GCA. ERTH Products is now working through the GCA and its key representatives–the University of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, the Georgia Water and Pollution Control Authority and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources–to address the environmental issues facing the state. ERTH Products, the GCA and the USCC are playing major roles in educating Georgia on the “Soil and Water Connection” and the value of compost to the state’s water supply.

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ERTH Products, LLC. is actively involved in the green industry. ERTH Products’ president, Wayne King, Sr., is a former president of the Georgia Composting Association and a board member of both the Georgia Green Industry Association and past president of the United States Composting Council.

Wayne is a frequent speaker at Georgia Soil and Water Conservation groups, the Georgia Water and Pollution Control Authority, the University of Georgia’s Composting Operators’ Training Course and the BioCycle National Conferences.

ERTH Products is a member of the following organizations:
• Georgia Green Industry Association
• Georgia Organics & Composting Council
• Georgia Recycling Coalition
• Georgia Turf Association
• Georgia Water and Pollution Control Authority
• Golf Course Superintendents Association
• Metro Atlanta Landscape Turf Association
• Southern Nursery Association
• Southface Energy
• United States Composting Council
• Urban Landfill Institute

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